Your web copy has to be hot stuff.

Press play on the YouTube video and have a little dance.

Read below.

Over the last few weeks lots of businesses have had to go online to carry on trading.Your business might be one of those businesses that has gone online.

Before you send you get really excited and say to your web designer:

Can I have a new website,how much does it cost and when can it be built”

Enquiring client


Hold on!!

Make your web designer’s life easier by conducting a short exercise about who you want to attract.

Think really clearly about what you want to say to your potential client.

How are you going to make your overall message sound like hot stuff?

Donna Summer’s Hot stuff is perfect for any branding and marketing exercise. One thing you will learn from this tune is that middle of the road copy is not going to cut it in a crowded market.

There is no other option apart from being Hot Stuff.

Without being hot stuff,you will never be found.

The art of writing copy is to make sure that you are attractive enough to have your clients pick up the phone to you.

“Dialled about a thousand numbers lately

Almost rang the phone off the wall”.

Donna Summer

As Donna Summer said,she has called a thousand numbers. In 2020, your potential have searched or swiped a thousand websites looking for the right business to handle their problem.

It is time to help your potential clients out by communicating that you are the only business that can help them do the job.

Therefore your copy has to appeal to the client’s emotional senses.

Action point: Write down what does your potential client need to see,hear and feel in order to make them feel comfortable in doing business with you?

Tips to become hot stuff!

  1. Understand your ideal client’s goal-Ask your clients why they came to you.
  2. Look at what your client wants to see,hear and feel.
  3. Make your client feel special
  4. Instant gratification is a competitive advantage for business- Make the client feel as if you are solving their problem right now.
  5. Be Bold and brave.
  6. Don’t talk too much-It is tempting to overwrite and be clever
  7. Simple is smart and sexy
  8. Make your email and phone number visible. (They should be able to call you,you are hot stuff)

Show that you are Hot Stuff.

Your web designer will be grateful that you know exactly what you want.

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