Why are testimonials so important for your website?

As a business owner, you may have forgotten the things that make you remarkable to your clients. This is because you probably think that is JUST part of your job.

However, if you asked many of your clients or customers then you would probably be blown away by their incredible feedback.

Maybe a little embarrassed but probably loving their feedback.

But if you do not ask,how will you know?

As a business owner you are probably moving at 150 miles an hour and therefore it is difficult to reflect on the work that you have done.

However, in order to move forward in your business, you have to get assets of credibility. Testimonials are wonderful subtle way of showing credibility to your future clients.

As part of my musically themed blogs, I have decided to use Heather Small’s song Proud because it captures the point of reflecting on the good stuff you have done.

Therefore have a listen to the video below.

One of the lyrics she says is:

“What have you done today to make you feel proud?”

Heather Small-Proud

So how does this fit into Testimonials and case studies?

If you note down the customers that you have helped and the ways you have helped them, then it will give you an immense sense of pride.

Testimonials are often promoted as ways to get customers to work with you.

However the person and client they are ultimately focussed on is …


When you start getting testimonials, these will give you the confidence and belief to consider yourself as an expert.

Through having the confidence as an expert advisor, it will help you in your wider marketing and branding activities.

Through the process of getting a testimonial it will also ask you the question:

What have you done today to make you feel proud?

So ask for those testimonials.

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