Are your customers getting what they are looking for?

When your customers are looking at your website or any marketing material that you produce,they are looking at it for a reason.

The reason is that they have a problem that needs solving and YOU are potentially the one that solves this problem.

However, if you do not guide your customers by the hand, then you will lose them.

As part of these musically themed blogs, “Show me what I’m looking for” by Carolina Liar is the best song to demonstrate how your customers want to be helped.

Press play to listen to the video below.

Save me, I’m lost

Oh Lord I’ve been waiting for you

I’ll pay any cost

Save me from being confused

Show me what I’m looking for

Carolina Liar- Show me what I’m looking for

If you have noticed that the lead singer keeps singing that he is:

  • Lost
  • Confused
  • In need of guidance

But the bonus is that he will pay any cost!

As long as you show him what he is looking for.

If you look carefully at those lyrics, it can describe your customer’s journey.

How do you stop customers from being lost and confused?

In your copy, you should:

  1. Limit their choice– Your customers should be limited in their choice. Too much choice leads to indecision.
  2. Be an expert– Answer questions, blog and be so helpful. Also listen to your potential customers concerns.
  3. Use nudge Say the option that most people go for. Your clients probably say they are an individual, but they want to belong. Humans need connection and certainty.
  4. Social proof– case studies and testimonials of success. A lot of your customers don’t like going first. The perception that others have undertaken the journey that they are about to, makes them feel more confident.
  5. Real reason-Know the real reason behind their problem.
  6. Make sure you tell them to contact you– Ring this number, call Bob or Fill in this enquiry form. You would be amazed how many people don’t do this. Customers will not wait around either.

If you do those 6 things, then customers will choose you over somebody else. Your customer wants to be shown what they are looking for, so help them.

Next,I will write an article about the benefits of giving free information with the song “You only get what you give”.

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