Hello, I’m Magic Mak

Copywriter to the stars,dapper dresser,African Prince and general troublemaker.

How can a Copywriter help you?

Helping you start a conversation with your target audience and getting you to question everything.


Creative Copywriting

Wallflower copy is that dreaded four letter word which is “safe”.

At Magic Mak Media there isn’t any time for Wallflower Copy.

There is really no time to be a wallflower.

You have a mission to achieve.

The aim is for you to stand out and start the conversation with the people you serve.


Tone of Voice

Wallflowers do not have a great Tone of Voice because…

They just want to be like everybody else.

Your business is great and unique.

So your Tone of Voice should unique and show your greatness.

Tone of Voice is the specific way that your business communicates.

A great Tone of Voice will create clarity in the minds of those that you serve and make them advocates of your brand.





Strategic Thinking

“The last legal competitive advantage is creativity”.Bill Bernbach

It is great to do the research,understand the audience but doing these things will just put you in the same place as everyone else.

You are not everyone else.

You are special.

Your business wants to serve your audience.

Time to start creatively solving problems and cause some trouble.

Make Your Content a Priority.

I certainly will.

Convert the right people

Great copywriting connects and serves your target market. It helps them to engage with you, trust you,buy from you and advocate for you.

Empathy for your customer’s problem

Great copy understands your client and their problem.Creating copy with empathy for the client’s situation will help them not only buy once from you but be loyal to your brand.

Make an impact

Your business is great.Great copywriting will help you make an impact and be noticed by those that you actually care about.

Turn your traffic into loyal customers and return visitors. Don’t miss out!

Sometimes I write About Writing

Better the Devil you know- Kylie Minogue

Better the Devil you know- Kylie Minogue

Why your potential customers never leave their p*** poor quality current supplier? As Kylie Minogue would say in her lyrics of the 90s hit Better the Devil you know.Sometimes familiarity keeps people with their current supplier. And not their actual performance. The...

Show me what I’m looking for-Carolina Liar

Show me what I’m looking for-Carolina Liar

Are your customers getting what they are looking for? When your customers are looking at your website or any marketing material that you produce,they are looking at it for a reason. The reason is that they have a problem that needs solving and YOU are potentially the...

Proud by Heather Small

Proud by Heather Small

Why are testimonials so important for your website? As a business owner, you may have forgotten the things that make you remarkable to your clients. This is because you probably think that is JUST part of your job. However, if you asked many of your clients or...

Testimonials & Featured Clients

Did the copy on our website.It is very humourous and fits our needs.

Claire Weingartner, Director of The Focus Collection

Mak has a great ability to communicate an idea in simple,clear language.His words will reach and resonate with everyone.His content is current but buzzword free.It was a pleasure to have him deliver a talk to our group and write a blog for our website.

Jill Ashton  3CS networking

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